Photographic Archive

The Kington Photographic Archive includes over 300 digital images kindly donated by The Hergest Trust. In this gallery you can view a selection, but if you would like to see them all, see our photographic archive for ‘Hergest Trust Banks Collection’.   While the quality of the original photographs is excellent, some are mounted in cardboard photograph albums, and, where the cardboard has warped, a shadow appears on the digital copy. If you would like to see the original please contact, or via the postal address given below.
The Collection
The Photographs in this archive are the work of William Hartland Banks of Hergest Croft. WH Banks was born at Ridgebourne in 1863 and died at Hergest Croft in 1930. He was the third generation of the Banks family to live in Kington and was the son of Richard William Banks  and Emily Rosa nee Hartland. He married in 1893 Dorothy Alford whom he met at Cambridge University. They built Hergest Croft in 1896 and created the gardens there. He was a country banker and owner of the Kington and Radnorshire Bank until its sale in 1908. Apart from his interest in Photography he was an extensive traveller, keen gardener and tennis player. He played various roles in county life being a JP and a Deputy Lieutenant and was one of the early governors of the University College of Wales at Aberystwyth.

Subjects photographed

The photographs in this archive represent a small portion of his total work and include pictures of Kington and the surrounding area and of local people, friends and relations. He started his work as a photograher whilst at Rugby School in the 1880s and continued it up until 1914, after that there are few works. He used both full and half plate negatives both glass plate and gelatine and worked both outside and in his studio at Hergest Croft. Most of his work was produced as platinotypes which he correctly believed to be more permanent than the more usual silver process. His photographic equipment remains in the care of the Trust. He cannot be regarded as a pioneer photographer but his meticulous work stands comparison with other photograhers of his time when there was a great need of technical skill to produce photographs of this quality.

It is hoped to add some commentary on the subjects in due course and if any viewers have information the Trust would be most interested to receive it.  The trustees are most grateful for the help of the Kington Museum in digitally copying this work.
The Hergest Trust: contact details
The Hergest Trust is a charitable trust that holds the Banks family archives. The copyright in the photographs belongs to the Trust to whom application for their reproduction should be made. They can be contacted at The Hergest Estate Office, Ridgebourne, Kington Herefordshire, HR5 3EG or by email to