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The Museum contains nearly 6000 artefacts and photographs, nearly all of which are available either on display or can be viewed on the database at the museum.

The items range in date from the Neolithic period to the modern day, and the collection includes textiles, costumes and uniforms, archives and documents, militaria, fossils, medical implements and items associated with Kington’s many and varied businesses.

Kington Foundry

Kington Foundry


Kington’s Photographic Archive contains about 1500 images of Kington and the surrounding area. If you want to see what your house looked like in the early 20th century, maybe you can find it here!



We also house a card index containing some 40,000 names of past residents of Kington and District, taken from local censuses, gravestones, parish records and the defunct local newspaper (The Kington Times). These records are only available on site and are useful for those wishing to research their family history – please ask for further information at the desk, email us or complete the contact form